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Letter from the Board

Welcome to all members of San Fruancisco Flying Eagles. As we begin our sixth year of organized activities, we thought that it would be helpful to present a perspective on why we are here, where we hope to go and what you can come to expect from your organization and board.

S.F. Flying Eagles is a nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation and, as such, each and every one of you is a member of the organization. As members, you have a vote in how the organization's mission statement is implemented and how your respective teams are administered. S.F. Flying Eagles differs significantly from other organizations in this regard.

Whereas some organizations set forth rules and regulations and make unilateral decisions on organizational staffing,

  • S.F. Flying Eagles empowers each of its teams to make these decisions for themselves. Each team chooses its coach, manager and players. Team cohesiveness is best achieved through a process of mutual agreement.
  • In future years, members will be requested to vote on an annual slate of board members. The slate will be determined by the sitting board in order to ensure that board candidates support the general guidelines embodied within the Mission Statement.

Whereas some organizations set forth conduct rules in an attempt to regulate how outsiders perceive their organization,

  • S.F. Flying Eagles will seek your active participation in various community activities. This is a proactive stance designed to extend beyond simply the various basketball leagues and tournaments attended by S.F. Flying Eagle members.

S.F. Flying Eagles' organization structure is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

  • We believe that team members (youth and parents) are the best ones to manage the choices that teams need to make. These choices include who coaches the team, who performs the team manager function, which tournaments / leagues to enter and which players to add.
  • We believe that our youth members are being given an excellent opportunity to participate in organized basketball activities and parent members are being given an unparalleled opportunity to participate in their child's organization. We hope to instill a willingness among our membership to share their good fortune with others. For this reason, community involvement opportunities will be organized and participation is strongly encouraged.
  • We believe that with empowerment comes responsibility. Each member has the responsibility to respect the opinion of others. Without mutual respect, this organization cannot function.

Generally speaking, your Board is operating under the guideline that teams should be self-governing. The Board will intervene only in situations involving organization-level issues or if involvement is specifically requested by team members.

Once again, we welcome all new and returning members and extend our best wishes for a successful and enjoyable season.

-San Francisco Flying Eagles Board

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