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SF Flying Eagles Board Report: Volume 4

Before launching into a summary of the October and November Board meetings, the Board would like to cover, in brief, why these Board Reports are written and published on the SF Flying Eagles website.

The mission statement for your organization, simply stated, is that your organization wants to be more than just a basketball organization. SF Flying Eagles wants to aid in the growth of its youth membership. Many of our youth and parent membership have participated in our volunteer activities. For that, we are grateful and hope that you feel that the experience has been beneficial. The highlights of your community service activities are captured on our website's community tab and the highlights all finish with the same catch phrase: SF Flying Eagles, giving back to the community. Our selfish hope is that our youth membership will find that community service activities and be both fun and rewarding and, as a result, develop a penchant for community service involvement.

The published Board Reports are intended to provide you, the membership, with information on what is going on in your organization. Check out the websites of other organizations. Do they provide this level of transparency covering their corporate governance? This transparency is important in that your Board Members cannot meet the needs of its organization if it does not communicate with its membership. The Board Report also provides you with a report card to measure the actions of your Board against the organization's mission statement. Are we staying the course? Are we on the right course? If, at the end of the day, the Board Reports cause you to be come an advocate for the organization's mission statement, then the Board Reports will have done their job. As always, your Board welcomes your comments.

And now, the Board Report.

Community Service
The SF Flying Eagles organization received a letter from the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) thanking the organization for providing volunteers for the JCCCNC’s 2005 Halloween Carnival. The Board wishes to thank Paula Lum-Concepcion for organizing this activity. Watch for this addition to the website's community tab.

2006 SF Flying Eagles Tournament
Primary focus of the Board continues to be soliciting availability of gym sites. Your Board will be seeking to expand the membership of the Tournament Committee, shortly.

Live Scan
The Board will be investigating the cost of implementing Live Scan, a fingerprinting and criminal records search. Depending on how many databases need to be searched, the cost could be approximately $100 per person. The Board will investigate if there is a lower cost alternative available through the SFPD for not-for-profit organizations.

501(c)3 Status
The application for this status has been submitted to both the Department of the Treasury and the California Franchise Tax Board. Thanks to Wilson and Geri for all their work and the work of their legal and accounting contacts in getting the application prepared and submitted.

Intra-Organizational Transfers
The Board voted to prohibit intra-organization transfers, within the membership season.

The adoption of a prohibition on intra-organization transfers (switching from one team to another) during the membership season was felt to be an appropriate extension of the organization's mission statement. If the organization were trying to "promote the general development of its youth membership", then the adoption of said prohibition would promote the core value of "commitment". The Board recognizes that the adoption of this prohibition holds SF Flying Eagle members to a higher commitment standard as it prohibits team changes within the organization while there is no similar prohibition against adding members from other organization, mid-season.


SF Flying Eagles Board
Paula Lum-Concepcion, Jon Fong, David Fu, Marianne Petroni, Wilson Sun and Geri Toy


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