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SF Flying Eagles Board Report: Volume 1

As we pass through the mid-way point of our second season as an organization, your Board has been actively focused on organizational development with a view towards the future. Periodically, we will provide you with Board Reports, to familiarize you with what is happening in your organization.

SF Flying Eagles Web Site
Communication is key in any organization. Your Board has been working with Allan Aguas (eighth grade parent) on the development of the organization's web site. We hope to use this web site as a communicative tool, both with respect to our membership as well as to those outside our organization. Watch for updates on the availability of the website.

Hosted Tournament
A challenge for any organization is the need / desire to host a tournament. The benefits of hosting a tournament include expanded entry to other tournaments; greater visibility for the organization enhancing player and coach recruitment; and potential profits from the event that can be used to improve your organization. The cost of hosting a tournament is, primarily, the human capital needed to organize and carry out the event.

In a statewide meeting of organizations similar to ours, your Board put forth a request for a tournament weekend in the late September / early October 2006 timeframe - that's only 17 months away. The Board will be seeking volunteers for the major aspects of organizing our organization's first tournament. If you have an interest or a referral that would be helpful (goods, services, etc.), please contact your team manager or any Board member.

Board Membership
For next season, the Board would like to expand by adding two additional board members. Anyone interested in Board participation should contact any Board member.

Members Wanted
Please help your organization grow. The fourth grade girls team presently has four openings and a ninth grade boys team is in formation. If you know of players that have an interest in playing club basketball, we can provide them with an informational packet and application form. Your team manager or any Board member would be an appropriate contact point.

In closing, as this year's tournament season gets into full swing, your Board wishes each of you a successful season.

SF Flying Eagles Board
Paula Lum-Concepcion, Jon Fong, David Fu, Marianne Petroni, Wilson Sun and Geri Toy


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