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SF Flying Eagles Board Report: Volume 2

The following is a summary of the Board meetings conducted in April and May 2005.

The Board discussed the issue of exclusivity. Exclusivity restrictions are common at other organizations. It's most likely form restricts members from participating on teams with other organizations. The Board endorsed a policy of non-exclusivity but delegated the ultimate decision making to the individual teams.

The adoption of a policy of exclusivity most severely impacts a middle tier player. The AAU organization provides a vehicle for certain players to circumvent the limitation imposed by exclusivity. Consequently, it is the balance of the team members that are constrained from seeking alternative outlets for the development of their basketball skills and their passion for playing the sport. Your organization feels that it should not act as an impediment if you have the opportunity and desire to co-participate in another organization.

However, it must be kept in mind that there needs to be a balance between the needs of the player and the needs of the team. Consequently, each team is encouraged to evaluate these situations, as they arise, and seek to negotiate a mutually agreeable compromise. Please contact the Team Commissioner with any questions.

Tournament vs. Roster
The SF Flying Eagles organization supports a roster approach to team personnel management. The organization's definition of "roster" is that team membership is fixed and every player on the roster has the right to a roster position in subsequent years, contingent only on the payment of membership fees and compliance with the Organizational Rules. Vacancies are created solely by attrition. Once admitted to the roster, players do not have to "try out" for a roster position in subsequent years.

In contrast, a "tournament" organization opens up the roster to competitive tryouts at the inception of every season.

Playing Time
The issue of playing time is probably one of the two most feverish issues facing any team that competes in organized sport activities. The Board is pleased to make available an insightful article written by Steve Jordan on this very topic. Please take the time to review this article, contained on the Resources link.

SF Flying Eagles picnic will be scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 2005. The picnic location is Blackberry Farm in Cupertino. There is a per person admission charge with a discount if the admission is purchased via the Internet. Potential group activities include Golf Tournament, Parent / Child softball, beach volleyball competition, etc. Please contact the Board if you have an interest in organizing any, or all, of these activities.

SF Flying Eagles Website
Two rounds of revision have been completed on the website

Hosted Tournament
Likely date: the weekend of October 7-8, 2006.

Board Membership
The Board offered a Board position to Maisy Chan and the organization is pleased to report that Maisy Chan has accepted the Board position offer. If you have an interest in participating in the governance of your organization, please contact a sitting Board member or your team manager.

Members Wanted
Based on next year's (September 2005) school grade:

  • 2nd and 3rd Grade Coed Instructional Team: in formation (instructor and facilities have been secured).
  • 5th Grade Girls: a few positions are available on this existing team.
  • 6th Grade Girls: early stage formation.
  • 10th Grade Boys: in formation (coach and facilities have been secured).
  • 11th Grade boys: in formation (coach and facilities have been secured).

For more information on specific teams, please go to the Contact web page.


SF Flying Eagles Board
Paula Lum-Concepcion, Jon Fong, David Fu, Marianne Petroni, Wilson Sun and Geri Toy


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