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SF Flying Eagles Board Report: Volume 3

Three board meetings have taken place since our May Board Report. Here is a summary of the major discussion topics:

2006 Tournament
Obtained agreement with Barons organization and tournament date is set for the weekend of October 7-8, 2006. Board discussed potential gym / social locations. Board members assumed the responsibility to contact certain facilities and determine availability/cost. Each team will be asked to nominate two members to support the 2006 tournament organizing effort.

2005 Picnic
Board planned and delegated responsibilities for the Blackberry Farm picnic that was held on August 27, 2005. The Board thanks all the team managers for assuming the delegated responsibilities. The day was marked by good weather, good food and good company.

2005-2006 Board
Board ballots were distributed and collected at the picnic. If you did not receive a ballot and wish to vote, please send an email to the Team Commissioner via the Contact page of the web site. If any managers still have completed ballots in their possession, please forward the ballots to a Board member.

SF Flying Eagles Logo
Board approved the revised logo. A sample of the logo was displayed at the picnic. Watch for Eagle apparel, coming soon.

2005-2006 Membership
The membership package was reviewed and revised.

501-C-3 Status/Fundraising
The application for 501-C-3 not-for-profit status is being prepared (requires two (2) years of financial results). Once the not-for-profit status has been received, the organization will enroll with eScrip. The Board is also investigating the use of Community Partners as a way to raise funds in support of the organization’s activities.

Community Service
The second San Francisco Food Bank community service activity is planned for September 10, 2005. Fifty (50) volunteers are expected to work the morning shift. Next planned activity is supporting the Self-Help for the Elderly walkathon.

Norcal Asian Youth Basketball Association, or NAYBA, is an organization concept first introduced at the 2005 Presidents Meeting, hosted by the San Jose Ninja Organization. The general mission of NAYBA is to focus on the issues that can have an impact on the administration of tournaments hosted by the Northern California organizations. The organizations currently participating in early stage discussions include the following:

  • AZN Knights
  • BAAS Dragons
  • East Bay Rising Suns
  • Foster City Flyers
  • Sacramento Barons
  • Sacramento Rebels
  • Sacramento Warlords
  • SF Associates
  • SF Enchantees
  • SF Flying Eagles
  • SF Hoopsters
  • SJ Ninja
  • SJ Zebras
  • Silicon Valley Basketball Club
  • SASF (to be included in future meetings)

The areas of differences, among the organizations and the tournaments they host, include the following criteria:

  • Ethnicity
  • Last minute roster changes
  • Players jumping teams (intra-organization)
  • Seeding and bracketing
  • Inconsistent tournament rules (e.g., game times, pool play, etc.)
  • Tournament dates
  • Players jumping organizations

The Sacramento Rebels first introduced the initial idea for NAYBA, back in April 2005 and subsequent discussions took place in May and September, with the next meeting planned for November 2005. The discussion process has not been a smooth journey and considerable recognition deserves to be lauded on the Sacramento Rebels organization for their willingness to stand at the front of the room as an advocate for change.

The Board has voted to support an active role in the NAYBA discussions. An alternative proposal was reviewed and endorsed at the September board meeting.


SF Flying Eagles Board
Paula Lum-Concepcion, Jon Fong, David Fu, Marianne Petroni, Wilson Sun and Geri Toy


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