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The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2005 Self Help for the Elderly - Longevity Walkathon, October 2005
The San Francisco Food Bank, March 2005 Japanese Cultural & Community Center, October 2005
The San Francisco Food Bank, September 2005 Self-Help For The Elderly - Woolf House, November 2005
The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2006 Recent Community Services

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2005
Eagle members (players and parents) volunteered a portion of their Saturday on February 12, 2005 to assist in the preparations for San Francisco's Chinese New Year Parade (sponsored by KTVU - Channel 2 and Southwest Airlines).

Characteristics of those born in the year of the Rooster include trustworthiness with a pension for hard work . and that day required a lot of hard work by our Eagles.

Before kicking off the day's work, teammates from the Eagles Seventh Grade Boys Team posed for our photographer. Pictured are players from the 7th Grade Boys team.

The Chinese New Year Parade relies on a huge number of sponsors for the construction of the colorful floats that pass before the television cameras. In appreciation, tournament organizers provide the sponsors with a gift bag.

The Eagles' task for that day was to fill those gift bags. Pictured to the left, formation of a production line for the day's task.

The Eagles would like to thank Just Desserts, at Three Embarcadero, for donating post-work snacks and refreshments. Needless to say, the boys and parents welcomed the chance to relax after the day's task was completed.

The SF Flying Eagles organization gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following Eagle members and friends:

  • Zachary, Paula and Rudy Concepcion
  • Jeffrey, Pat and David Fu
  • Cory and Lennie Yan
  • Aaron, Natalie and Art Yan

SF Flying Eagles, giving back to the community.