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The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2005 Self Help for the Elderly - Longevity Walkathon, October 2005
The San Francisco Food Bank, March 2005 Japanese Cultural & Community Center, October 2005
The San Francisco Food Bank, September 2005 Self-Help For The Elderly - Woolf House, November 2005
The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2006 Recent Community Services

The San Francisco Food Bank
Eagle members and friends joined, once more, on a sunny Saturday morning on September 10, 2005 to volunteer their time and energy to the San Francisco Food Bank. Altogether, the SF Flying Eagle organization raised a volunteer team of nearly 50 people. The morning started ominously as James Harper, of the San Francisco Food Bank, thanked the volunteers for giving up their Saturday morning. James stated that volunteer activity at the Food Bank had been down, recently, and the Food Bank had been unable to process all of the arriving fruit for distribution to various organizations that provide food / meals to the needy. With that as an introduction, the group moved outside, to the north parking lot, to tackle the fruit-sorting project.

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Sorting through nectarines and apples, the volunteer team prepared 20 pallets for distribution. At 36 boxes per pallet, over 700 boxes of fruit were packed and prepared for distribution. In an example of inter-organizational cooperation, the SF Flying Eagles gratefully acknowledges and thanks its membership and guests for joining and contributing to this volunteer effort.

Our volunteer team:

  • Ricky Alberto
  • KP Bugtong
  • Audrey and Samantha Carniero (guests)
  • Alyssa Chan
  • Jordan, Cj and Calvin Chan
  • Amy Domergue (guest)
  • Elizabeth, Conrad, Josh and Emelita Fox
  • Pat, David and Jeffrey Fu
  • Katherine Heng (guest)
  • Janet Li and Pamela Huang
  • Aaron and Cynthia Huey (guest)
  • Dennis and Darren Lee
  • Stephanie Lee (guest)
  • Elaine and Brandon Leung
  • Tina Mateo (guest)
  • Kevin Matsakura (guest)
  • Martin and Kristine Moy
  • Marianne, Bryan and Tyler Petroni
  • Wilson, Geraldine, Jason and Crystal Sun
  • Cassie, Nicholas and Cindy Szeto
  • Angelica Tabuena (guest)
  • Paul and Adrienne Tina
  • Art, Nat, Aaron and Melissa Yan
  • Megan Yuen (guest)

SF Flying Eagles, giving back to the community.