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Self-Help For the Elderly - Woolf House
November 24, 2005

In 1964, the City of San Francisco approved the Yerba Buena Center Redevelopment Plan, a plan to build the Yerba Buena Convention Center. Poor and elderly tenants, facing displacement from the dozens of rundown residential hotels and apartments, organized Tenants and Owners in Opposition to Redevelopment (TOOR) and filed a federal lawsuit demanding decent relocation housing. TOOR become TODCO (Tenants and Owners Development Corporation) in 1971 and, today, has succeeded in the development of six apartments/SRO residences, totaling 726 units.

Woolf House is one of the TODCO's successes. Phase 1, consisting of 112 apartments, was completed in 1979. The residence is named after TOOR's co-founder and Chairman, George Woolf. Phase 2 (70 apartments) was completed in 1982 and Phase 3 (30 apartments) was completed in 1996. Today, Woolf House provides housing for seniors (62+ years) under HUD / SFHA Section 8 programs (household income limits with rent set at 30% of income).

Today's activity involved Eagle volunteers serving Thanksgiving Day lunch to 120 residents of Woolf House. Assembling well in advance of lunchtime, SF Flying Eagle members met with Belinda Lau, our organizer for the day's activity. In spite of the fact that lunch was not scheduled to be served until 12 noon, Woolf House residents began to filter their way into the dining room as early as 9:30 am.

After receiving our instructions from Belinda, members from the Eighth Grade Boys and Ninth Grade Girls team provided entertainment for the assembled residents. No, they didn't challenge the residents to a game of basketball. Instead, the Eagle members entertained the residents by performing a few Karaoke songs (no, we won't be providing sound clips). The Eagle volunteers served lunch to the seated seniors, bused tabled and cleaned up the dining room, upon the completion of the meal.


The SF Flying Eagles organization gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following Eagle members and friends:

  • KP Bugtong
  • Alyssa, Austin and Maisy Chan
  • Zachary, Paula and Rudy Concepcion
  • Elizabeth and Conrad Fox
  • Jeffrey, Megan, Patricia and David Fu
  • Angelica Lee
  • Candice, Brandon and Elaine Leung
  • Jackie and Geri Sun
  • Aaron, Natalie and Art Yan

SF Flying Eagles, giving back to the community.