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Self Help for the Elderly, November 2007
The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, February 2007
Rebuilding Together – The Jefferson Hotel, April 2007
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Rebuilding Together - The Jefferson Hotel, April 2007


Rebuilding Together, formerly known as Christmas in April, is a volunteer activity targeting low-income residential housing. The SF Flying Eagle's first involvement in this activity was the project known as the Jefferson Hotel. The Jefferson Hotel is one of twelve residential hotels managed by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) seeks to preserve and stabilize low-income housing in the Tenderloin and surrounding communities. THC focuses particularly on residential hotels, assisting tenants to assert their legal rights, providing culturally competent supportive services, and creating employment and leadership opportunities for formerly homeless tenants.

Founded in 1980, THC began as a law office for tenants. As of 1988, THC expanded its services to provide housing placement, support services, and money management services for homeless single adults. In 1999 the Clinic began leasing and managing single-room occupancy hotels (SRO's); becoming San Francisco's leading provider of permanent housing for single adults leaving shelters. In addition to providing housing and legal representation, the Clinic has been instrumental in the passage of city laws protecting residential hotels, strengthening rent controls and eviction protections, and enhancing San Francisco's system of housing code enforcement.

The Clinic has contracted with the City of San Francisco to operate housing programs for homeless persons since 1988 and currently serves over 3000 clients per year. It is among the city's leading employers of formerly homeless people. Service Employees International Union Local 1021 represents the majority of the Clinic's over 230 fulltime employees.

The following is a summary of the services provided by THC:

  • SRO Housing/Master Lease Program
  • The Housing Clinic has leased fifteen buildings since 1999 and turned them into supportive housing sites
  • Leased Buildings
    • All-Star Hotel, 2791 16th Street - 86 units
    • Boyd Hotel, 41 Jones Street - 84 units
    • CalDrake Hotel, 1541 California St. - 51 units
    • Elk Hotel, 670 Eddy Street - 88 units
    • Graystone Hotel, 66 Geary Street - 74 units
    • Hartland Hotel, 909 Geary Street - 137 units
    • Hotel Union, 811 Geary Street - 60 units
    • Jefferson Hotel, 440 Eddy Street - 111 units
    • Leroy Looper Hotel, 875 Post Street - 43 units
    • Mission Hotel, 520 South Van Ness Avenue - 248 units
    • Pierre Hotel, 540 Jones Street - 87 units
    • Raman Hotel, 1011 Howard Street - 86 units
    • Royan Hotel, 405 Valencia Street - 69 units
    • Seneca Hotel, 34 6th Street - 204 units
    • Vincent Hotel, 459 Turk Street - 103 units

Tenderloin Housing provides support services on-site in the hotels including support groups, individual case management, HIV/AIDS specific case management, employment referral services, and a tenant representative program. All tenants placed in the hotels have been formerly homeless low-income San Franciscans.

Rebuilding Together’s task for this day included the following:

  • Paint the hallways and common spaces of all four floors of the hotel
  • Redesign the lobby in the front entrance area, including furniture replacement
  • Install artwork and window treatments to warm and brighten the spaces
  • Install shelving for storage
  • Refurbish bathrooms
  • Clean up debris

The Housing Clinic has leased fifteen buildings since 1999 and turned them into supportive housing sites.

The SF Flying Eagles organization gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following Eagle members and friends:

  • Conrad Fox
  • David and Jeffrey Fu

SF Flying Eagles, giving back to the community