Community Service
Self Help for the Elderly, November 2009
The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, February 2007
Rebuilding Together – The Jefferson Hotel, April 2007
The San Francisco Food Bank , June 2007
*Past Community Events*

Self Help for the Elderly - Lady Shaw Senior Center, Thanksgiving 2009

The Lady Shaw Senior Center, located above the eastern opening of the Broadway Tunnel, is one of four residential facilities operated by Self Help for The Elderly. The Lady Shaw facility combines 70-units of low-income subsidized apartment units, a meal site with capacity to serve 140 seniors and an activity center that offers multi-service programs for both the elderly residents and the community. The project was completed in 1990 and, today, houses 75 residents.


Every year, Self Help For The Elderly undertakes the effort to provide a Thanksgiving Day lunch to the local community needy. The day for our volunteers begins early with volunteers meeting in the morning to review the plan for the day. Over the course of the day, thousands of meals will be prepared either served at the site or taken to go. Well before meal service is scheduled to being, a line begins to form, extending from the building entrance to Mason Street and queuing southward on Mason Street.


Throughout the day, a steady procession of people join the line and slowly make their way to the front of the line, at which point they are seated at the long rows of tables set up in the garage of the facility. Our volunteers dished food onto serving plates; delivered the plates of food to newly seated patrons; poured beverages; and cleaned and bused the tables.


The social prominence of the meal program is underscored by the numbers of local celebrities and politicians that pitch in, during the day, to lend a hand or entertain the guests. All-in-all, it was a long and rewarding day. The SF Flying Eagles would like to recognize and thank everyone for their participation in this important activity.

SF Flying Eagles, giving back to the community.